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Skilled Visas

Skilled Visas

So many people say “it is easy, do it yourself “– until they need to pay us extensive fees to prepare complex submissions because they have claimed points incorrectly, provided misleading information and are facing a three year ban or are not receiving an invitation because they got their skills assessment in the “wrong occupation” – i.e it is “pro rata” or not on the relevant state list or refused.

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There is not just one list! There are at least 10 constantly changing lists right now,and then different lists again for each visa subclass – short term, long term, regional and then states make their own requirements if they are to invite you.

It is a minefield and you do not get a bridging visa until you actually get an invitation and submit the visa – nobody will tell you if you have calculated your points wrong until it reaches a decision maker and then you have already paid extensive government fees. While we cannot guarantee an invite we do have access to very specific policy on points and can strategise in consideration of this.