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Labour Agreements

Labour Agreements

Do you rely on overseas workers such as Steelfixers, Labourers, Formworkers, Scaffolders, Drillers, Operators or Drivers but have been told you cannot sponsor these workers as their occupations are not on any Department of Home Affairs list?

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We have successfully prepared company-specificand Designate Area Migration Agreements (DAMA)for many of our corporate clients enabling them to sponsor applicants with slightly lower skills than trade level and opening up an option for permanent residence for applicants in year 3 of the agreement. This is a very attractive option for those who are often told they have no options but to study.

We also assist recruitment companies with on-hire labour agreements, allowing them to sponsor and hire-out staff, which is usually not permitted under the standard subclass 482 visa program.

After studying Australian contract law, Edwina developed a keen interest in negotiating terms and variations and is one of few migration consultants in Perth who offer this very niche service which requires specific experience and practical knowledge. Edwina has succeeded in negotiating PR upfront for a Driver on one DAMA agreement which others outlined could never be achieved.