King Corporate Migration
About Us

King Corporate Migration

King Corporate Migration is an exclusive immigration law and visa consultancy. Our expertise lies in skilled, employer-nominated, business, and distinguished talent visas, complex submissions, and appeals. We pride ourselves on being advocates and actually arguing our client’s case with our technical expertise.

We do not assist in circumventing the law or immigration requirements. We are reputable and highly ethical in our approach. Our excellent achievements are the result of us knowing the Australian migration legislation inside out and consistently bettering our knowledge and processes, allowing us to present options others in the industry have never considered.

How we differ from other migration agencies

Our point of difference is that we are extremely selective in the matters that we chose to take on and it really is quality over quantity. This has allowed us to develop expertise in our chosen area and to give each matter the attention and quality of service required to ensure a smooth process, minimising stress and enabling us to achieve life-changing decisions for our clients.

We aim to build valuable relationships and provide advice that makes complex and ever-changing migration legislation easy to understand and apply to your circumstances. We do not form fill – our high-level software does this for us.

B2B migration services

We provide tailored B2B services and focus on providing critical advice and consultancy to our mining, engineering, construction, and hospitality clients who do not have an in-house Migration Consultant and need expert advice on hand to assist their HR and admin staff in relocating and securing skilled overseas workers in the fastest, most cost-effective and risk-averse manner.